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Value Added Education Programs through T&R

T&R are dedicated to creating flexible and tailored education programs that suit each student. We believe that with local and international education, students are better equipped to operate in the world.



Read more about our Value Added degree programs below and contact us for more information.

We work with universities and organisations around the world to offer the best services for our students. T&R Consulting offers the following Value Added Programs:

  • Twinning Program
  • Dual Degree
  • Double Degree
  • Integrated Masters
  • Projects
  • Certification Programs
  • Guest Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Scholarships
  • Spinoffs – helping projects get funding & patents

Twinning Program

The Twinning Program offers a great opportunity for international study allowing students to study overseas for a semester or a year. Students graduate with one degree from two universities and students benefit from international exposure.

The Program can be structured as:

1 + 2 Program: Students enrolling for their degree course pursue their first year in one of the channel partner’s University and then remaining two years at foreign University

2 + 1 Program: Students enrolling for their degree course pursue first two years in one of the channel partner’s University and then final year at foreign University
If the student is completing a four-year degree, then students can complete one year at another university.

The Twinning Program makes international quality education accessible and affordable. This international study helps students to understand another culture, offering exposure with state of the art technology and teaching.

Dual Degree

Dual Degrees or Simultaneous Degrees involve a student working from/with two different Universities at the same time, one from the parent university degree and the other from a foreign University.

Dual Degrees can be structured as:

2 + 2 Program: Students enrolling in a four-year course pursue first two years in one of T&R’s channel partner’s University and the remaining two years at the foreign University.

Many students want to enhance their knowledge, enrich their professional outlook by obtaining dual degrees from different Universities, one domestic and one Foreign University and vice-versa. Dual Degrees offer the flexibility to explore individual interests and broaden their University experience locally and internationally, giving students an opportunity to combine two different single degree programs.

The ability to incorporate part of the degree in another Country enhances an individual’s world view while providing cultural and language immersion which will provide lifelong benefits to the student.

Double Degree

Double Degrees allow students to study for two degrees at the same time. Completing a double degree allows students to graduate in less time than it takes to complete two degrees back-to-back.
Students gain a unique combination of skills that makes them highly desirable to potential employers in the competitive international market.  e.g. joint Bachelors of Computing and Bachelor of Business.

Double Degrees can be structured as:

2 + 2 Program: students enrolling for this for year course pursue first two years in one of channel partner’s University and the remaining two years at foreign institution.

By obtaining a Double Degrees from one domestic and one foreign university students can have a great impact in their organization.
Double degrees offer diverse learning environments to broaden a student’s knowledge, enrich their experience locally and internationally.

Integrated Master Program

An undergraduate degree combined with an extra Master’s year has many advantages to students as well as employers. The students feel more empowered with Master’s Degree. It can be structured as:

4 + 1 Program: Students complete their Bachelor’s degree program and enrol into one-year Master’s Degree.

By obtaining an Integrated Masters, students may add two whole years to their experience. Students who complete an Integrated Master’s Program have an option to pursue a PhD.

This program helps students to gain exposure, adding value to their education, and the student will spend at least one year less than if the two programs were pursued separately.

The Integrated Master’s program saves valuable time and money to obtain a Masters Qualification.