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The Global Landscape in education has been undergoing a dramatic change over the past decade… And the rate of change is both dynamic and demanding, leaving many traditional institutions struggling in its wake!

The demographic and economic changes around the globe have created previously unseen demands and expectations both from the users of academic facilities… And specifically, international students now have a wider choice than ever before.

This envisaged paradigm shift has the potential of creating a global educational marketplace that is not only going to be competitive but also dynamic and unforgiving; and the economic climate and pressures will result in a commercial environment that will force education service providers to face market dynamics that can only be described as something akin to “survival of the fittest”

TRUE Global Solutions

Higher Education has long held the premise that it prepares its students for the future. However, the future now before us is rapidly becoming an era where automation and technology may replace many jobs.

How do we change the landscape of education to meet a world that we can’t even imagine?

Our education systems need to transform quickly to keep abreast of the rising tide of innovation and a highly technological society.

We at TRUE Global recognise the key to education lies in diversity, flexibility, affordability, opportunity and choice. By providing these services to faculty, students and industry, we plan to work collaboratively to future proof the current education systems by providing tailored solutions on a universal scale.

Now more than ever before, qualifications alone are not enough to secure a lifelong career. Unless qualifications are complimented with the knowledge and skills that computers or automation cannot replicate, positions may remain limited.

In the very near future, 21st Century soft skills will inevitably become a mandatory requirement. To date,  students have been learning how and what to learn and can successfully complete exams and assignments. It is no longer enough to graduate being able to read, write and calculate. Although highly qualified, many graduates have not yet learned how to think critically, manage a team, adapt to changing environments, use emotional intelligence or explore their individual creativity. These human skills and personality traits will provide a protective factor, they cannot be easily replaced by automation.

We at TRUE Global also recognise that the age-old philosophy that ‘Learning is for Life’ is now a reality. Job opportunities and career paths will change at a rapid rate. People of all ages need to be willing to unlearn what they already know and be ready to relearn new knowledge and skill-sets as employment options rapidly change throughout this lifetime. Some of the greatest corporations are those that are already developing training to up-skill their employees on a regular basis to keep abreast of these changing markets.

We at TRUE Global understand the current trends and needs within academia and industry. Students can pursue a brighter future when aspiring to become TRUE Global Professionals. This can be attained through TRUE Global Pathways of international study, internships, value added and exchange programs. Each of these opportunities will enhance their personal and professional world views as they become culturally adaptive as a result of these immersive experiences.

As the world becomes smaller through the use of social media and technology, faculty, students, parents, educational institutions and industry need to work together in a collaborative manner to create a

TRUE Global Society

Ideally this would be based on our inter-connectedness using transformative educational opportunities to develop new understandings, skills and values, relevant to this 21st Century and beyond.

Training & Research Universal Education 


TRUE Global is a T&R Group Company. T&R Consulting Pty Ltd (T&R) is an organisation specialising in Education with the objective of making EDUCATION available “internationally”, with an ETHICAL FOCUS based on universal TEACHING + EDUCATING and establishing relationships that create a LASTING LEGACY based upon these same principles.

TRUE Global Objective

“To Build a Sustainable Organization Delivering Educational Services and Solutions;

Working both with Educational Institutions and Society Together to deliver Worldwide Educational Services.

Aiming for Incremental Growth and Profits, to enable us to Develop our Services on an ongoing basis”.

How do we Change the Landscape of Education to Meet a World that we can’t even Imagine?

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