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Anshuman Mukherjee - Senior Systems Architect

“The personalised support I received from T&R was critical to my academic achievement. T&R guided and mentored me in relation to undertaking overseas studies. Coming from India to study at RMIT was a big leap which tested my resilience and ability to adapt. The international study pathway not only enriched my academic strengths, but also empowered me to a better leader through understanding diversity beyond my own culture. I would highly recommend the global experience to any student to test their comfort zone.”


Mr. Chinmay Ananda - Director & Facilitator at FINANCE ACADEMY AUSTRALIA

“My career ambitions developed rapidly due to my overseas study organised by T&R. University is a life changing experience and you only get the chance once. I would strongly recommend that students attain a global experience if they want to shape their education and prepare their career for the future. My international study program gave me the chance to experience a new culture and way of teaching, and I also ended up being placed in an internship program organised by T&R. This combination of international study and work experience placed me well ahead of my competition.”


Akshatha Swamy - Market Analyst, Thomson Reuters

“T&R enhanced my learning by providing opportunities to work on leading-edge research projects. The supply chain improvement program I worked on gave me a practical insight on industry operations. The opportunity to actually apply my learning gave me valuable experience and placed me a step ahead during campus interviews and hence contributed to my career.”