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T&R – Global Education Service Provider

T&R are dedicated to being a world leading Education Service Provider. We are a one stop shop for all academic solutions.

Our services include:

  • Value Added Programs: flexible qualifications earned via two universities
  • Research: we support students and universities with innovative research projects
  • Integrated Educational Solutions: tailored educational online platform for better learning. Read about C-Cube below.
  • Professional / Vocational Training: we support students to develop problem solving & personal skills
  • International Student Recruitment: we help students to study in other countries to further their knowledge & education
  • Program/Curriculum Design & Development
  • Course Design and Development
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Consulting for world best education practices
  • Online educational degrees
  • Student support service

The team at T&R are dedicated to providing innovative educational solutions to meet your requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information about any of our services.