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T&Rs Global Research Projects

T&R invests in Research and Development (R&D) projects and programs globally, supporting processes, systems, and technologies which increase commercial deployment.

T&R Consulting collaborates with universities and institutions around the world to provide access to grants and funding for research projects.


Successfully obtaining research funding requires both experience and professional expertise, to prepare and submit winning proposals for evaluation towards a successful outcome.

At T&R Consulting, we maintain relationships with various funding bodies internationally, including:

·         Australia India Strategic Research
·         European Research Council Fund
·         National Science Fund
·         Melbourne India Research Fund

Global Collaboration

T&R collaborates in research projects by identifying commonalities and linking universities around the world to provide better access to grants and funding for research projects.

T&R provides global access to universities and their respective faculties in joint project initiatives and projects. Participating students also get the opportunity to work with leading edge technologies and potentially gain valuable working experience with other universities and/or faculties.

Future Focused

T&R Consulting’s strategic 2020 vision focuses on delivering benefits to the clients and customers, from its current Research & Development, by increasing awareness of what will impact the sustainability and marketability of their current programs.

Our fundamental research and linkage projects and ongoing relationships, between the academic sector and industry, positions T&R Consulting as a true global contender in the educational research sector.

T&R’s Collaborative Research Includes


Project [LP140100980], Distributed Computing, (2014-2017)

One of our Partner Universities Administering Institution: University of Sydney

Zomaya, Prof Albert Y; Tari, Prof Zahir; Lee, Dr Young Choon; Rajasekhar, Dr Sathish

Project Summary

Cloud data centres have become increasingly large-scale to meet ever increasing computing and storage capacity. The requirement of uninterrupted service availability has also contributed to such expansion. However, this relentless pursuit of high performance and high availability has led to serious resource over-provisioning and, in turn, low performance to energy consumption ratios.

The impact of this poor resource management goes beyond the issue of cloud data centre efficiency, including excessive carbon footprint. This project aims to develop new energy-aware scheduling and resource allocation algorithms to provide energy-efficient solutions. These solutions exploit both workload and system diversity in cloud data centres.

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  • ARC Linkage Project [LP110100602] (2011-2013)
    Detecting Supervisory Control & Data Access (SCADA) malicious programs to protect Australian critical infrastructure


  • ARC Linkage Project [LP100200538] (2010-2012)
    Developing Smart Embedded Host‑based Intrusion Detection Systems


  • ARC Linkage Project [LP100100404] (2010-2012)
    Designing Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems for Critical Industrial Infrastructures


  • ARC Discovery [DP0988345] (2009-2011)
    Designing for Reliability and Maintainability in Service Oriented Architectures


  • ARC Linkage Project [LP0989756] (2009-2011)
    Privacy-Preserving Remote Access to Health Information Infrastructure in Ubiquitous Computing Environments


  • ARC Discovery [DP0881742] (2008-2010)
    Coordinated & Cooperative Load Sharing between Content Delivery Networks


  • ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) [LE0668447] (2006)
    Enterprise Grid Infrastructure


  • ARC Linkage Project [LP0667600] (2006-2008)
    An Integrated Infrastructure for Dynamic & Large Scale Supply Chain