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Professional & Vocational Training

Increasingly, it has become evident that though students may be academically gifted and working professionals may be technically competent, this alone is not enough to satisfy future needs of employers and industry.

As corporations “re-engineer” themselves, to become more efficient and vertically integrated to optimise the value chain, they are looking for competent performers to participate, manage and lead the organisation.

To prepare for this change, the adaptable and transferable skill-sets required by graduating students and current young professionals are dynamically changing. The demands for specialised skills are both growing and expanding in scope, and professional skills required and/or expected from graduates increasingly include –

  • Proven Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    Leading by Influence and related leadership ability
    Effective Communication for business (both written and oral)
    Ability to not only access, but effectively analyse and utilise information
    Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Corporate surroundings

We at T&R deliver skill based courses meeting international standards and expectations.
Recognising that there needs to be mandatory learning, designed to support the skills being demanded (expected), we provide new graduates entering into employment with added advantage… Our students benefit materially from undertaking short and intensive skill related courses before embarking on their first major step in professional life.

Industry-tailored/focused training courses are also offered for working professionals with all levels of experience, from inexperienced professionals to senior executives. Training is catered to include the expectations and demands of corporations with broad management requirements e.g. paramedical, nursing, and various specialised industries.