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International Student Recruitment

At T&R we create partnerships with reputable Universities, internationally, to establish and strengthen our Global Network; this effectively enables us to provide both faculty and students with comprehensive and international further educational training and research options.

As a cornerstone of our strategy, we have long held a vision to link like-minded Universities around the world, to provide a seamless educational experience while preparing our students as adaptable Leaders for tomorrow.

Through our established academic contacts and strong relationships, we have access to a large pool of International University Students who have demonstrated a strong level of interest in exploring, experiencing and learning in a global environment.

T&R Facilitates Faculty Exchange 

Recognising and identifying the urgent and immediate need for high quality international exposure, for students to become true global professionals, T&R, in collaboration with several international universities also offers a faculty exchange program. This facility provides participants with both the opportunity to teach and/or conduct research for one or more semesters in an academic year.

Utilising a focused international student recruitment approach, T&R Consulting acts as a facilitator, in the exchange and effective matching of faculty members with campuses that can accommodate their interests and research focus.

Student Recruitment

At T&R Consulting we are proud to have successfully built a solid foundation, and strong reputation, with total academic based solutions for Universities.

T&R has effective Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Memorandum of Understanding, with several prestigious Indian Universities, including Vishweshwaraya Technological University (VTU) which alone has more than 300,000 students, Bangalore University (student population of 900,000 approx.), Manipal University (student population of 250,000 approx.) JSS University, Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT) etc. These established relationships, with our partner institutions, offer a large resource of graduate level students who are seeking international exposure and educational experience.

T&R Visits to Universities 

We employ a range of consulting services and utilise consultative marketing techniques to engage with graduate students and share knowledge about studying abroad. Our strategy includes visiting overseas universities (donors), holding open day sessions for potential candidates; we address all the FAQ situations (about overseas destinations and institutions), and provide further follow up with both online services and support.

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Expert Counselling & Student Application Handling

T&R counsellors are trained to engage students at all levels, and provide informed assistance to enable a good match (in choosing the right postgraduate course) and ensure a well thought through outcome, one that suits both the student and the potential college chosen!

A large number of our counsellors and managers have a teaching background, and thus have an in-depth understanding of student needs and can relate to their career aspirations. Counsellors have expertise to offer admission counselling in, TAFE, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level programs. Our counsellors can advise on all aspects of arranging international admission and related relocation, including Visa requirements, travel, estimated living expenses, financial considerations and other social and/or cultural factors.

T&R Consulting will assist students with the entire application process, and offer comprehensive support during the application process.  And further, upon obtaining successful admission, offering all logistical assistance to ensure a smooth transfer and transition for the student (and effective engagement with the host institution).