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C-Cube© Learning Platform

Education today needs a more integrated approach to learning.


T&R’s C3© Learning Platform has the ability to cater for any learning environment, and its flexible
ability to include any desired content enables it to easily be integrated into any system.
The focus of this platform is around providing content, with context, and tailored to a curriculum.
Content alone cannot provide meaning to any learning environment; contextual based learning
both enhances the content retention and enriches the learner’s experience.

C-Cube© is Accessible to Everyone

Teachers can be more effective in class and can get an understanding of each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Parents are aware of their child’s progress.

After class, students can have 24/7 access to an integrated online learning environment with case studies, exams, quizzes, and with self-paced learning too. Students will feel connected and supported while the institution can become more efficient with real improved results.

T&R Consulting can also work closely with Universities and Faculties to assist in modernising the design and implementation of existing curriculum. T&R, with its vast reach globally and extensive research based experience, can design skill based courses to meet current international requirements and industry standards.

This innovative relational approach, involving practical applications, ensures that students are not only better prepared for future employment, but they also enjoy an advantage over their competition upon completion of their tertiary or industry education (as most institutions only offer academic performance).

Other IES Services at T&R


To ensure effective dissemination of information and knowledge, through webinars (online), seminars and boot camps, related to current trends and cutting-edge technologies, critical topics that need specific industry expertise of which the institutions may not have. Special Talks or online sessions can be organised and delivered by Subject/Technology Experts from various Universities around the Globe including lectures by Nobel Laureates.

Scope: Open to all interested faculty,students and its affiliated institutions

Schedule: Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Purpose: Service Provider to offer Certification Courses, approved by the Customer, for the students/faculty and its affiliated institutions, in the areas of Science, Commerce, Humanities & Technology.

Scope: Open to all interested faculty, students and its affiliated institutions

Schedule: Duration ranging from 15 days to 6 months

Purpose: To define career paths and provide career opportunities including on-campus and off-campus recruitment for the students. To enable a single window/central platform for the corporate/industries to reach out to students as potential new employees.

Scope: Students and their affiliated institutions will have direct access to placement calendars and other recruitment events organized by Industries at various times across all Districts and Centers.

Schedule: All through the year.

Purpose: To enable Post Graduate students and the affiliated institutions to gain required experience and industry exposure to enhance their skills to achieve better employment opportunities by way of Internship Programs or Summer Programs. These programs will be either fully or partially sponsored by universities & industries around the world.

Scope: Open to all interested students and their affiliated institutions.

  • Conduct training programs directly or through partners
  • Hire students on train-to-deploy boot camps
  • Provide project/internship/research opportunities to selected college students
  • Executive training programs by external training providers, including the academia.

Schedule: Duration ranging from 15 days to 6 months

Purpose: To provide continuous upgrading of required skills and knowledge through a development plan for the faculty & its affiliated institutions. Faculty development plans will result in the attraction and retention of highly qualified and desirable faculty members.

Scope: Open to all interested faculty and its affiliated institutions. Training will be aimed at improving both technical as well as soft skills.

Learning Objectives will focus on:

  • The importance and need for quality education and accreditation;
  • Education outcomes in terms of professional competency and employability
  • Acquiring the required characteristics and the importance of enhancing learning achievement of students
  • Creating a positive attitude towards the teaching profession
  • Appropriate utilisation of teaching aids to ensure the teaching-learning process is more effective and interesting
  • Enabling the faculty to relate the course material to the industry needs and expectations and to real life applications
  • Awareness of the importance of labs and workshop exercises for improved comprehension of concepts and principles
  • Emerging Characteristics of Learners in terms of Importance of Project Work in student learning (problem-based learning and collaborative learning) and Identification of appropriate student projects preferably linked to real-life/industry demands and expectations.

Schedule: 3 to 15 Days

Purpose: To improve the university ranking in the global arena by inculcation and implementing best practices in day-to-day administration. Creating a repository of research activities carried out by the faculty and its affiliated institutions by highlighting the competencies of the University and by shaping the University to current International Standards.

Service Provider to create a document, detailing the Customer’s existing competencies; design a plan/programme to overcome shortcomings, if any and digitize the university administration including the Faculty and Student Records and its affiliated institutions.


  • Seek university collaboration internationally
  • Establish a network of Centers of Excellence with the support of international universities and industries;
  • Expand research in emerging areas of strategic importance by preparing a Road Map of University Research
  • Brand building exercise
  • Complete digitization of university administration including student and staff records.

Schedule: All through the year.