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T&R is Committed to Innovative and Collaborative Global Education Services Providing 21st Century Solutions.

T&R has been operating since 2005 with a committed focus on building and connecting local and global educational and academic communities. Now more than ever, Glocalisation demands a collaborative approach  between academia and industry to ensure learners, students , parents, faculty, institutions and industry benefit from these options and increased opportunities.

T&R is a Registered Education Service Provider (ESP), with a corporate office in Melbourne and affiliated  organisations/branches in San Jose, California (USA), Guangzhou (China), Bangalore (India)  and Singapore.

T&R delivers valuable practical knowledge by providing high-impact and brand quality service to all stakeholders in academia and industry.

International Education Solutions

T&R understand the need for a more internationalised level of education at the local level in each country, state, city, and community.

Simply receiving a one dimensional education, where there is one direction of exchange of intellect, in school, university, and beyond is not enough to satisfy the student’s learning requirements and the expectations of their future employers. The best corporations in the world are becoming aggressively lean, efficient and innovative and these employers want to employ graduates who can display not only technical knowledge, but also the ability to adapt, think innovatively, critically analyse and lead globally.

To achieve this outcome for students within a broader educational landscape, T&R caters for all levels of education with the sole objective of transforming the educational institutions to become more technologically integrated and internationally focused to meet modern day demands of employment market.


Globalisation has driven a need for international exposure even at secondary level education. T&R believe that knowledge and practical exposure of young minds to diverse learning environments is crucial in today’s’ market place. Recognising the needs of the dynamic and competitive global education market, T&R as an ESP plays a pivotal role in the academic internalisation, shaping education in the 21st century.

Many students from all over the world, especially from the sub-continent want exposure to emerging technology and quality resources. In the current situation, it has become very difficult for the student to obtain this required knowledge and resources at their school alone. Students are missing out on the benefits of international teaching, curriculum and exposure.

Linking Academic Institutions around the globe is one of T&R’s specialties which is instrumental in providing these diverse range of options and opportunities on a Global scale.

Together with T&R’s many channel partners, Schools can benefit from partnering with a global brand name and exposure to this diversity. Students benefit from exposure to an internalised education by undertaking exchange programs, joint projects, with the potential to continue on to an international university.


T&R recognises value-added services as being the catalyst for shaping and integrating education in the 21st Century. T&R forms solid relationships with reputable institutions around the world to increase the program choice and accessibility to consistently provide the right level of education to meet future needs and growing demands.

T&R facilitate and manage the international program requirements for students to undertake Twinning, Double degree, Dual degree and Integrated Masters Programs. T&R is focused on global trends in education, thereby empowering students and preparing The Leaders for Tomorrow.

T&R’s channel partners include renowned universities such as University of Sydney, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara University (JSS), University of Illinois, Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and California Lutheran University (CLU).

True Global Professionals

Internationalisation of education provides students with the opportunity to interface with emerging technology, research, culture, faculty and quality resources through our partner universities. This allows student flexibility and choice, and both a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to learning.